• 3 - Praise God for three students who have accepted Jesus into their lives through the ministry of InterVarsity at the University of Texas at San Antonio.
  • 4 - Please pray for today's meeting at the University of Michigan as Campus Staff Member Sara Chang responds to university officials who decided in December to derecognize Michigan's Asian InterVarsity chapter. Pray that the university will reverse its decision and allow InterVarsity to require that chapter leaders adhere to our Doctrinal statement. Also, InterVarsity’s national Collegiate Ministries team—comprised of national field directors and regional directors—meets today through February 7. Pray for participants to depend on the Lord as they work, engage in discussions, and develop strategies that will move God’s ministry forward on campus.
  • 5 - Praise God that administrators at University of Maryland-College Park, Cal State Long Beach, and Tufts University have reconsidered their positions and, instead,  affirmed InterVarsity’s presence on their campus.  Also, pray for InterVarsity students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to connect with and build lasting relationships with freshmen and non-Christians as a new semester begins on campus.
  • 6 -Praise God for university chaplains who disagree with InterVarsity theologically but who have defended our presence on campus to university presidents because of their commitment to principled pluralism. Also, thank God for a student who accepted Christ in the InterVarsity chapter at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Pray that the University of Virginia students who attended Urbana 12 would engage in next steps to participate in God’s global mission.
  • 7 - Of the 765 participants who attended last semester’s Lakes and Plains Cross Training conference in Green Lake, WI, 143 students were internationals. Pray that God eliminates any barriers to following Christ as they engage in Bible study on campus.
  • 8 - Pray for participants today and tomorrow at the Returning to the Table conference in California as they discuss Caucasian heritage, power, and place on multiethnic campuses.
  • 9 - Fraternity and sorority students from across the country gather this weekend in Indianapolis, IN, for Greek Conference 2013, sponsored by Greek InterVarsity. Pray for many to accept Christ and for all participants to benefit from the worship, fellowship, and teaching.