January 15 - InterVarsity students at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania are bringing the good news to new niches on campus. Pray that God leads them to people who are open and receptive to hearing about God’s grace through Jesus.
January 16 - Pray that InterVarsity staff, students, and faculty would be agents of reconciliation, and that our interactive evangelistic art displays on race and ethnicity would continue to spark meaningful conversations on campuses about Jesus and multiethnicity.
January 17 - God’s work among MBA students in Chicago is flourishing! Pray that the Holy Spirit would draw these students, particularly internationals, to himself and show how much he cares for their spiritual lives.
January 18 - Pray that InterVarsity students at Pennsylvania’s Haverford College would grow in dedicating their whole lives to Jesus and to sharing his truth on campus. Ask the Lord to help convince them that life in Christ is the most valuable message they can ever proclaim.
January 19 - Join us in praising God for all that he is doing through InterVarsity among international students at Michigan Technological University in Houghton! Internationals are leading three new Bible studies, and the chapter has connected with over  100 visiting students and scholars.
January 20 - Please pray for the leadership of Eddy Ekmekji as he steps into an interim role as acting divisional ministry director in Los Angeles. Pray for wisdom and peace as he navigates challenges on campus while handling more responsibility.
January 21 - Erica Li and the InterVarsity chapter at St. Louis Community College in Missouri want to grow their influence among  non-Christians on campus. Pray that the Lord would give them boldness and bless their outreach efforts to nonbelievers.