• 20 - Pray for students from York College in Pennsylvania who attended Urbana 12 to continue engaging their campuses with the Gospel.
  • 21 - InterVarsity staff leaders in the Surf and Turf division in California are making hiring and placement decisions today through January 24. Pray for clarity and direction from God.
  • 22 - Students from the University of Delaware in Newark will participate in New York City Urban Projects through January 26. Pray that students would gain a greater capacity to understand urban concerns like human trafficking and poverty.
  • 23 - Liz and Paul Joyal, divisional directors in southern and western New England and interim divisional directors in Massachusetts, are planting new InterVarsity chapters. Pray that they would receive God’s guidance in selecting which campuses to establish ministry on in Springfield and Worcester.
  • 24 - Pray for students from campuses in the Southeast region who attended Urbana 12 to actively pursue their place in God’s mission and share the Gospel wherever God calls them.
  • 25 - Ask God to encourage students at The University of Akron in Ohio as they participate in leadership training, shine the light of Christ on campus, and develop a witnessing community.
  • 26 - Twenty-five students from York College in Pennsylvania are attending an InterVarsity spring conference this weekend. Pray that participants would engage in spiritual formation training and develop practices to use in their daily lives.