January 22 - Ask God to lead InterVarsity students at the University of Wisconsin—River Falls as they seek to grow as peacemakers and reconcilers, both on campus and within their chapter.
January 23 - As we near the middle of the school year, pray for student leaders on campus who may be feeling burned out or discouraged. Ask the Lord to restore their souls, and give them joy and encouragement for the ministry.
January 24 - Ask the Lord to provide resources and mentors to InterVarsity student leaders at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington who are passionate about planting small groups, but still learning how to lead them effectively.
January 25 - Pray that the three Greek InterVarsity Bible studies at Ohio State University in Columbus would be communities where Christ’s name is proclaimed and his truth is studied with attentiveness and depth.
January 26 - Kristina Cornelio is a new campus staff minister appointed to serve at St. John’s University in New York City. Pray for God to lead her to partners who can give both prayer and financial support to allow her to start full time on campus.
January 27 - Pray that God would give wisdom and diligence to InterVarsity students at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York as they face stressful class schedules and make time-management decisions. Also pray that God would help them recognize him as the source of true, lasting peace.
January 28 - Join our Graduate & Faculty Ministries chapters of the Blue Ridge region in asking God to give them gracious hearts as they engage difficult political conversations with their peers. Pray that they would share their deeper hope in Christ with clarity and kindness.