• 6 - Praise God for 308 students involved in the 14 new InterVarsity chapters established on campuses throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.
  • 7 - Universities in Florida, New York, Tennessee, and Massachusetts have challenged InterVarsity’s ability to choose leaders based on religious criteria. Pray that student leaders deepen their convictions and grow in their ability to engage their culture.
  • 8 - Praise God that Andrea Thomas, associate regional director in the Red River region, has completed more than five years of breast cancer treatment and has been given a clean bill of health!
  • 9 - Pray for students who attended Urbana 12, InterVarsity’s Student Missions Conference, in December and committed to leading Bible studies on their campuses. Pray that each would clearly share the truth of Christ and that non-Christians would accept Jesus.
  • 10 - Sean Watkins and John Lin are planting an InterVarsity chapter at Austin Community College in Texas. Pray that the Lord will establish a vibrant witnessing community and a team of core members who are passionate about sharing the truth of the Gospel.
  • 11 - Praise God for new InterVarsity chapters on four campuses in the New York/New Jersey region. Pray for students to courageously reach out and share the love of Christ with others throughout January and February.
  • 12 - Pray for members of the Graduate & Faculty Ministries leadership team to receive God’s guidance as they assess staff capacity and develop vision for the next five years of ministry, and then begin work laid out in the strategic plan.