JUNE 4-10

June 4 - Praise God for the new full-time staff serving on campuses in Ventura County, California. Pray that God uses them powerfully as they begin ministering to students and faculty this fall.
June 5 - As students and staff travel to Malawi and Mexico for Global Programs, pray for the Holy Spirit to use the participants to build God's kingdom.
June 6 - At the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, pray for Campus Staff Minister Jenna Stromberger as she works to cultivate a passion for evangelism in the chapter. Ask God to give students boldness and joy in sharing the gospel with their peers, even over the summer.
June 7 - As Campus Staff Minister Shelly Scott serves Greek students at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, pray that God would continue to bless the chapter’s outreach efforts and bring growth next semester and that more students will come to know Jesus.
June 8 - Ask the Spirit to move in even greater ways among students at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York in the fall. Pray that more students will shed the culture’s pressures and open themselves to God.
June 9 - At Grand Rapids Community College in western Michigan, join us in praising God for new believers and new small groups during this past year! Pray that God would sustain this growth over the summer and into the new school year.
June 10 - As our two new for-credit Study Abroad programs in Rwanda and Thailand attract students, pray that universities will approve partnerships quickly and easily for our students.