MARCH 12-18

March 12 - Pray that God provides new student leaders at the University of Southern California who are captivated by God’s mission so that the InterVarsity chapters there can reach all corners of campus.
March 13 - John Criswell, regional director in the Southeast, has a vision to reach more students and faculty in Kentucky, Alabama, and Louisiana. Pray that the Lord would provide energy and financial resources so that campus ministry can flourish in these places.
March 14 - Pray for unified vision and action for the volunteer teams at Daytona State College in Florida. Ask God to use this unity to better reach students with the gospel and to model Christian transformation.
March 15 - InterVarsity Press is launching a new computer system this month. Pray that God would bless the years of preparation and planning with a smooth rollout, and that both employees and customers would adjust well to the new changes.
March 16 - Pray that the Greek chapters in Indiana and Illinois, under the leadership of area director Tyler Riffe, would continue to grow as places where God’s love and kingdom community are experienced on campus.
March 17 - Praise God for the rest and refreshment campus staff minister Andrew King experienced during his sabbatical. Pray for that to continue as he ministers in the Mid-Atlantic region in a new leadership role.
March 18 - At the State University of New York at Fredonia, pray that InterVarsity students grow in their love for Scripture, spiritual maturity, and willingness to follow what God desires for them during this semester.