Thankful for Campus Ministry

Louis Markos photo by Michael Tims
Gordon Govier
November 23, 2010


Thankfulness for InterVarsity’s ministry on U.S. college campuses is expressed in many ways. One way is through lifelong personal relationships that exist among staff and those they have ministered with. Many show their appreciation through their financial support for InterVarsity’s ongoing campus ministry.

The author of a new book on Christian apologetics expresses his appreciation for InterVarsity’s ministry right up front for everyone to read.  In the dedication of Apologetics for the 21st Century, Louis Markos writes,

"This book is dedicated to the ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship:

for instilling in me a heart for evangelism;

for giving me my first training in apologetics;

for teaching me how to lead Bible studies;

and for affording me the opportunity, at an InterVarsity Bible study,

to meet the most important person in my life, my wife, Donna.”

Louis is a professor of English and scholar in residence at Houston Baptist University. He has published a number of articles and books (including From Achilles to Christ: Why Christians Should Read the Pagan Classics for InterVarsity Press in 2007). Today, more than 25 years after leading his first InterVarsity Bible study as a sophomore at Colgate University, Louis still shares his love of Scripture by leading a weekly Bible study in his home.

When he began his studies at Colgate University, Louis knew that he was headed towards a career as an English professor. But today he finds it hard to imagine what his career would’ve been like without his exposure to InterVarsity. "What InterVarsity helped do is equip me with a way of integrating faith and learning. And that was so important,” he said. "That's how I often define myself. I'm a product of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship."