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Following are audio selections from Urbana 15 news conferences and general sessions uploaded to SoundCloud. To download, click on SoundCloud's download arrow icon. Also audio is available for general sessions and a number of the seminars at urbana.org.

General Sessions

December 27 | Evening

December 28 | Morning

December 28 | Evening

December 29 | Morning

December 29 | Evening

December 30 | Morning

December 30 | Evening

December 31 | Evening

Opening News Conference

December 27 | Welcome                         

  • Tom Lin – Vice President, InterVarsity and Director of Urbana 15 (Speaker)
  • Geri Rodman – President, Inter-Varsity Canada
  • Ruben Nicolas – President, Groupes Bibliques Universitaires et Collégiaux du Canada
  • Jim Lundgren – Interim President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA


  • Tom Lin: The vision remains the same from Urbana to Urbana, to see students mobilized to give their whole lives for God' global mission: Q...for God's global mission   :13  There are 16,000 registered participants, about 2,000 from Canada, most from U.S. but also 88 different countries and 50% are ethnic minorities
  • Geri Rodman - InterVarsity has been hosting this student missions conference since 1946 when the first was held at the University of Toronto Q: ....how they can make a difference   :23
  • Geri Rodman -  Q:...continue to do that  :16
  • Ruben Nicolas - GBU is French Canadian movement (Quebec) begun 50 years ago, and it's their tradition to be a part of Urbana Q:...and 3 colleges  we work to  :26
  • Jim Lundgren - this is his 5th Urbana, his first was 1970 when he was a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It's exciting as president to be a part of what God does at Urbana. Q:...rest of their lives   :30  Urbana gives InterVarsity more than just a campus focus. It shows students that God cares for whole world, He's a global God
  • Tom Lin - Even in 3 years since the last Urbana, a lot has changed Q:...injustice globally   :28
  • Tom Lin - Ferguson MO just 12 miles away from where Urbana is held in St. Louis Q:... global missions  :15
  • Tom Lin - Urbana 15 features the first ever missions-focused Hackathon  Q:...in five days  ; 23
  • Tom Lin - On December 29th, Urbana will feature a unique interactive prayer experience  Q: ...through prayer    :20
  • Geri Rodman - In Canada and in the U.S., we live in a highly secular individualistic culture, where tolerance is a very high value. Q:...and not be afraid   :26

General Session Audio Selections

December 27, 2015 - In his welcome to Urbana, Urbana director Tom Lin challenged the 16,000 who had gathered to listen, and to do something during the 5 days of Urbana15, because the need is great in the world right now.  Q: ...for your help  :75

December 28, 2015 - Pastor and author Francis Chan spoke on living under the authority of Jesus.

December 28, 2015 - Michelle Higgins, Director of Worship and Outreach at South City Church of St. Louis, spoke on justice and racial reconciliation.  Q: ...hey, black lives matter    29:44

December 29, 2015 - Evelyne Reisacher,  French Missiologist and Islamic Studies Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary.

She stopped witnessing to Muslims at one point, but resumed again when she met a woman walking down the street wearing a veil and a cross around her neck. And when she talked with the woman, she expressed great joy at becoming a Christian.

December 30, 2015 - David Platt, President of the International Missions Board, gave the call to commitment at Urbana 15. Q: ...applause 23:30



December 28 News Conference on Reconciliation

  • Emmanuel Bagumako – General Secretary, Union des Groupes Bibliques du Burundi (UGBB), the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) movement in Burundi (Seminar Speaker)      Q...facing those crises   1:52
  • Mark Charles – Director of 5 Small Loaves, writer, and speaker seeking to bring reconciliation and help Native communities heal from the past (Seminar Speaker)  Q:...build real relationship    20:21
  • Christopher Yuan –Bible professor at Moody Bible Institute and speaker on faith and sexuality (Seminar Speaker) Q:...getting them yet   4:20
  • Lori Harris – Leader of Kerygma, a ministry of YWAM focused on the Catholic world (Seminar Speaker and Exhibiting Organization)       
    Q: ...being world changers  1:38

December 28 News Conference with Main Session Speakers          

Patrick Fung – Director, OMF International
Evelyne Reisacher – French Missiologist and Islamic Studies Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary
David Platt – President, International Mission Board

December 29 News Conference on Healthcare and missions

    Scott and Jennifer Myhre – Serge (Seminar Speakers and Exhibiting Organization)
    Jordan Boom – Cornerstone Foundation – Honduras Jungle Hospital (Exhibiting Organization)
    Elie Kharrat – Lawyer focused on civil, commercial, and criminal Cases, IFES Lebanon (Seminar Speaker)

Q: ...in this ministry  10:40

December 30 News Conference on Partnership with the Persecuted Church and Muslim Communities

    Gideon Para-Mallam – IFES Regional Secretary for English and Portuguese-Speaking Africa (Seminar Speaker)
    Nikki Toyama-Szeto – Vice President of Global Strategies for Christian Engagement at International Justice Mission (Seminar Speaker)
    Femi Adeleye – IFES Associate General Secretary for Partnership and Collaboration (Seminar Speaker)
    Larry Andrews – President, Partners International (Exhibiting Organizations)

Q:...thank you, thank you    43:23


December 31 News Conference on Technology and God’s global mission

    Caryl Mallory – Director of IT Engagement for JARRS (Exhibiting Organization)
    Alan Lawton – Director of Mobilization for TWR (Exhibiting Organization)
    Ali Llewellyn and Nick Skytland – Directors of Hack4Missions  (Seminar Speakers)

    Q:...thank you very much   13:00


December 31 Closing News Conference


Tom Lin – Vice President, InterVarsity and Director of Urbana 15  
Allan Matamoros – Regional Director, Partners International  
Geri Rodman – President, Inter-Varsity Canada

Q: ...rest of the day  35:55


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