Large Group Meetings Handbook

Large Group Meetings

The Value of a Large Group Meeting
Large Group Meetings and Your Vision

Starting Large Group Meetings
User Friendly Large Groups
The Executive Committee and the Large Group Meeting

Take a Look

Take a Look at Your Campus

Take a Look at Your Chapter
Take a Look at Your Large Group


Planning Steps for Large Group Meetings

Meeting Plan Worksheet
Sample Plan (Opening Meeting)
Sample Plan (Late Semester Meeting)
Topics – A Catalog of Ideas
Special Meetings
Planning for the Unexpected
Ten Commandments for Leading & Planning
Evaluation Form (Sample)
Evaluation Checklist (Sample)

When and Where

When to Meet

Where to Meet
How Often and How Long?
Good Beginnings and Endings
Pace and Flow of the Meeting
Meeting Formats
Room Arrangement


Selecting Speakers

Contacting Speakers
Sample Letter to Speakers
Caring for Speakers
Introducing Speakers
Statement of Agreement



Publicity Guidelines
How to Write a Press Release and Public Service Announcement


Welcoming Newcomers

Follow-up of Newcomers


Music, Music, Music

Worship Sharing Time
Corporate Prayer
Communications / Announcements
Getting Acquainted Activities
Books and Literature


Job Description for Large Group Coordinator (Sample)
Job Description for Emcee (Sample)
A Window and a Door
Vision Statement of InterVarsity