Alumni: World Changers in the Making

Alumni long to change the world. We’re here to help! Even so, post-college life can be tough. Transition, loss of community, challenging work environments, and so much more can leave alumni feeling lost and confused. We’re here to help with that, too. Fill in the form below to start receiving key resources for post-college life and developing as a world changer!

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Guidance for Change

What has your post-graduation experience been? The After IV podcast exists to provide expert advice and stories from alumni just like you to help navigate this new season.

After IV: The podcast for InterVarsity Alumni.

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Resources for Change

Join our community to chat with other alumni! We share InterVarsity memories, what we’re reading, how we’re learning to ‘adult’, and more.

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Find thoughtful Christian books from InterVarsity Press, including recent award winners and discipleship classics, to help you as you grow into a world changer.

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