Mar 29
Coaching the Call in Small Group Bible Studies
Small group Bible studies are where many students share their faith with friends.
Mar 21
The Passion of Greek Conference 2017
"Greek students want to experience God more than anything else."
Mar 9
Going Beyond the Acronyms
Thurston Benns tells students that the true test of their faith is found in the Bible.

From the Blog

How Holiness Brings Life

I distinctly remember one visit to a church youth event in my teens. 

From InterVarsity Press

Preaching in the New Testament
Is "preaching" mandated in the post-apostolic context, and if so, how does it relate to the preaching of the Old Testament prophets and of Jesus and his apostles? In this NSBT volume Jonathan Griffiths seeks answers to these questions in the New Testament, surveying the Scripture and setting his exegetical findings within the context of biblical theology.
Restoring the Soul of the University
Has the American university gained the whole world but lost its soul? Christian universities must reimagine excellence in a time of exile, placing the liberating arts before the liberal arts and focusing on the worship, love, and knowledge of God as central to academia. This pioneering work charts the history of the university and casts an inspiring vision for the future of higher education.


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