Apr 25
Choosing the Path that God Leads
InterVarsity alumnus Dale Reed is changing Chicago Public Schools for the better.
Apr 11
Jeff Crosby Named IVP Publisher
Jeff Crosby has been appointed to succeed Bob Fryling as publisher and vice president.
Apr 6
Anticipating God’s Miracles on Campus
Julie Longacre oversees InterVarsity's work on seven East Ohio campuses.

From the Blog

How to Start Reading the Bible Daily

There is a world of difference between knowing that we should do something and actually doing it, isn’t there?

From InterVarsity Press

Delivered from the Elements of the World
In this wide-ranging study bursting with insights, Peter Leithart explores how and why Jesus' death and resurrection addresses the deepest realities of this world. This biblical and theological examination of atonement and justification challenges conventional perceptions and probes the depths of the death that changes everything.
Still Life
For Gillian Marchenko, dealing with depression means learning to accept and treat it as a physical illness, while continuing as a wife and mother of four, two with special needs. How can she care for her family when she can't even get out of bed? Her story is real and raw, not one of quick fixes. But hope remains as she discovers that living with depression is still life.


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