Daniela Láncara

Daniela serves as a Campus Staff Minister with InterVarsity’s Black Campus Ministries and LaFe (Latino Fellowship) chapters at the University of Oklahoma. She loves starting new ministries and is currently doing so at Amarillo College in the Texas Panhandle. When she’s not on campus, you’ll find her talking to her closest friends, traveling to see family, or with a violin at hand. Follow her at danielalancara.com.

By Daniela Láncara

My everyday life carries the thumbprints of the generational traumas, sins, and blessings of our collective stories. The lessons I’ve learned from the matriarchs of my family and our immigration stories shape how I engage with Scripture and the gospel. And as a multicultural, multiethnic, and multiracial woman, I know that stepping into Oklahoma means bringing my family’s stories and lives with me.