InterVarsity is a vibrant campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty.

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With 1,025 chapters on 695 campuses, InterVarsity is working to reach into every corner of every campus.

InterVarsity chapters minister to students and faculty through small group Bible studies, large group gatherings, leadership training, thoughtful discipleship, and life-changing mission trips.

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Bible study is at the heart of InterVarsity, and we provide time-tested resources to help you deepen your study.


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Watch this video to find out how InterVarsity at Meredith College in North Carolina was transformed through Bible study.

Want to learn how to study the Bible? Click the button below to visit Howto.Bible, a new project from InterVarsity where you can learn how to read scripture on your own and how to lead a Bible study.

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InterVarsity Press
This ten-session study guide leads us through the growth in the apostle Paul's knowledge of Jesus and how it changed his life, when at pivotal points he intersected with Jesus.
Jesus gave his followers seven key practices. Pastor and professor David Fitch shows how these seven practices can revolutionize the church's presence in our neighborhoods, transform our way of life in the world, and advance the kingdom.