Clock with blurry second hand

If I can just get through the next hour, I can put the kids to bed, clean the house, rotate the laundry, and send a couple emails, I thought. Oh, and I need to prep for tomorrow’s online classes for my girls and set up the tablets for the boys.

Just trying to get through the next hour or few minutes is nothing new for parents of young children. Many times when my four kids were younger, going five minutes without crying or yelling felt like a small victory. Now, let’s add a global pandemic to the mix. How am I supposed to work my full-time job, teach my kids daily, keep my house clean, finish my degree—and make sure they are getting time to learn about God too?

By Nathan Peterson

It’s hard to imagine that Socorro ever questioned if God could use her to plant a new thriving ministry. But even as she began planting, the Lord was shepherding and guiding her through many doubts.

By Sarah LaLond

Right now, we are corporately waiting. We’re waiting for this pandemic to be over. We’re also waiting to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

By Taylor Straatmann

As Christians called to reach the nations and honor God’s heart for justice, we must share a full gospel—one that confronts injustice wherever it takes place—and make space for international students to meaningfully engage with God’s Word in our US context with us and in their own way.

By Rashawn Ramone

Throughout my life, I never thought I’d be a missionary, let alone a good one. But as followers of Creator Sets Free (Jesus), called to share his good news to all people, we’re all missionaries in some sense (Matt 28:19–20). And being called to be a missionary on campus has brought a lot of healing in my life.

By Nathan Peterson

As this year draws to a close, I realize I’ve too often been white-knuckling my way through it, just trying to hold on, keeping my grip for just a little longer. And that’s just not healthy.

By Stephan Teng

What roles does Jesus play in your life? In college, I would have said things like “Savior,” “Lord,” “Friend,” and “Redeemer” due to my church upbringing and perhaps whatever worship songs were sung that Sunday. Out of all the possibilities, however, I’m convinced that “Prophet” would have been on the bottom of my list. And I don’t think I’m alone in this either.

By Sarah LaLond

As I accepted my diploma, a chunk of my identity flaked off: “student.” I’d worked hard and anticipated the day when I wouldn’t have this label anymore. But as I entered the new year as a graduate, I felt untethered.

By Kelly Aalseth

This Welcoming Prayer has significantly helped me in processing strong emotions, and I’ve adapted it for this season. This type of prayer helps us to welcome the emotions and learn from them, to let go of the things that tempt us to leave too soon, and to open ourselves to God.


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