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R. York Moore

From my earliest memories, my parents taught me to be an atheist. Our home even donned a sign on the front: “The Moores, The Atheists.” They were followers of a philosopher and literary giant named Ayn Rand, from whom I get my first name, “Rand.” Later in life, however, through homelessness, extreme poverty, and drug abuse, my family had brushes with religious people, general do-gooders hoping to help and wanting to share the good news of Jesus with us. In almost every case, these people donned a different sign: “Baptist.” Though I never knew what that meant, I knew from an early age that Baptists were passionate and caring people.

By Drew Larson

Aren’t you a little curious what similarities and passions you might share with your neighbors in the faith? Crack open the door of your tradition and peek behind some of the others by reading first-person reflections from a selection of denominations and traditions.

By Christopher K. Lee

The greatest challenge to our evangelism isn’t a hedonistic culture or a relativistic worldview. Nor is it scientific reasoning or religious pluralism. It’s our own faithless witness.

By Lisa Rieck

What do we do with disappointment? What do we do when there’s a gap between what we wanted or expected and what actually happens? Even more, what do we do with God in the face of disappointment?

By Nathan Peterson

Bulging biceps. Watermelon-sized shoulders. Abs so defined you could see them from outer space. No, I’m not describing myself. Well, I guess I sort of am. I’m trying to describe the image in my head of the “ideal me.”


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