For most of her life growing up in Kansas, Dorothy didn’t notice. Nobody else did. It was just normal.

Yes, I am talking about no-place-like-home, red-shoe-wearing Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. The movie’s most vivid detail for me has always been the drastic change from bland, colorless Kansas to the kaleidoscopic world of Oz.

I can only imagine what was going through Dorothy’s mind as she explored this vibrantly colored dreamland. While she returned to Kansas with a much greater appreciation for home, you have to wonder how Oz changed Dorothy’s perspective. Knowing of this other wondrous place and then being plopped back into her old, drab grey world, I’m guessing it changed how she saw her house, her family, her dog—pretty much everything.

By Drew Larson

"If you ever take a selfie next to Fort Knox, the fort is actually the second most heavily defended thing in the photo."

By Steve Tamayo
Chances are, it'll be a lot more difficult to find a small group after college than it was in college. That's okay. Here are some helpful tips.
By Heather Hocking

When looking at a measly income and a mountain of student debt, one might assume that God’s call to generosity doesn’t apply, at least not until your finances look less terrifying.

By Nathan Peterson

Job hunting doesn’t have to be a necessary evil or an awful season of life. It can be exciting, refreshing, and encouraging as we wait for the Lord to begin the next chapter in our lives.

By Brenda Jo Wong

“Do you want to go to Hawai`i?” Assuming that my boss was asking about a supervisory visit to Hawai`i, I eagerly said yes. Then she explained that she was asking me to help replant InterVarsity’s ministry because there were only two students left. 


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