I’m scrunched up in the backseat of my Jeep (it’s the closest thing I’m going to get to a recliner anytime soon). Three or four flies keep me company as they buzz through the open car windows into the late summer morning. I’m tired. I’m hungry. I could use a shower. I’m sitting here trying to kill time, waiting for two long days of manual labor remodeling a friend’s house to start.

If that was all that was going on, I’d be a little grumpy, but I’d get over it. But I’m also wrestling with Jesus over a couple deep-seated struggles. It feels like I have questions only, no answers …

Maybe you’re walking through some kind of struggle right now. If not, someday you will. I’m not talking about a bad day. But a string of bad days, a season of bad days. When desires and dreams go unmet, when heaven seems silent, and when your heart feels heavy.

By Stephan Teng

Perhaps you know God wants us to share his love with others, but you’re feeling like you’re just bad at it, that you’ll make a fool of yourself, that others won’t listen, they’ll walk away laughing, and that you’ll fail God. If that’s you, don’t worry. There’s hope.

By Emily Baez

After weeks of prayer and discernment, it seemed clear that God was calling Jordan to start BCM on her campus in Auraria, Colorado. Still, Jordan struggled with doubt over whether she was right for the task.

By Drew Larson

Antonio was a nominal Chrisitan going through a particularly tough time during the spring of 2020. His therapist, seeing the need for Antionio to have community, recommended he connect with InterVarsity. 

By Christopher K. Lee

Perhaps you're a freshman or sophomore who needs to declare a major soon. You're overwhelmed by the options and need guidance on where to start. Or you know what you want but seek reassurance. Here are a few perspectives that may help.

By Benjie Shaw

When we say "no" to nothing, we're unable to say "yes" to important, faith-building, character-shaping practices that sustain us for the long haul. 

By Emily Baez, Hannah Keziah Agustin, Ashlye Elizondo Vanderworp and Drew Larson

We believe everyone should join InterVarsity! Here are five reasons.


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