disappointment, Psalms
Brenda Jo Wong

In college, I got a Bachelor of Science degree in recreation and leisure studies. I avoided anything and everything that was hard. I wanted a comfortable life and thought that Christians should be blessed with a good life.

Life is good but it is different than I pictured it would be.

My only goal and desire was to get married and have children. I didn’t have any goals for graduate education, travel, or ministry. I saw myself as a wife and mom but that didn’t happen. It was hard for me to go to wedding after wedding and see all my friends matched with the person of their dreams while I remained single. As time went on, I was crushed that I would not have any children of my own. I shed a lot of tears and felt so disappointed in God.

By Anne McCracken

The closer we resemble Jesus, the closer we are to being truly humble.

By Brenda Jo Wong

As Charismatic Christianity affirms all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, believers can hear from God in multiple ways. God can speak through dreams, visions, prophetic words, or listening prayer. We see many examples of this in Scripture.

By Steve Tamayo

Although non-denom churches can be difficult to explain and define, I find them easy to justify. Non-denominational churches exist because God’s people are diverse and his passions include the entire earth. Some of us just don’t fit into a denominational box. 

By Jason Gaboury

Anglicans have learned to see the churning conflict of each generation as an opportunity for worship, witness, and welcome. Sometimes articulated as via media or “the middle way,” Anglicans blur the lines between Protestant and Catholic, Reformed and Anabaptist, liberal and evangelical. This is our church’s greatest strength as well as its most profound weakness.


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