Greg Jao

Greg Jao is InterVarsity's Chief Communications Officer and Executive Vice President for Communications and Mobilization. A frequent speaker at churches and conferences, Greg is the author of The Kingdom of God (a LifeGuide Bible Study), Your Mind’s Mission, and a contributing author to several books. He joined InterVarsity after several years as a corporate attorney. Greg lives in the Chicago area. You can follow him on Twitter @gregjao. 

By Greg Jao

And as we consider one of the core tenets of our faith, that Jesus’ work on the cross reconciles us both to God and others (Eph 2:14–17), we see this as the foundation for biblical reconciliation. Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the basis for the unity that we believe already exists among God’s people of every ethnicity and culture.

Be Kind to Yourself

Self-kindness can sound self-indulgent. Self-care, as described in social media posts, often seems merely like baptized hedonism. Self-anything may feel impossible as a parent when we are relentlessly focused on our kids and spouse. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In her book Be Kind to Yourself, Cindy Bunch invites us to be attentive — to what bugs us and to what brings us joy. And she does so in a way that will bring you — and your family —  real joy.