Kyle Lee

Kyle grew up all around the United States and was a missionary kid to Kenya throughout high school. He earned his Bachelors in English at the University of Virginia and is a spoken word artist, podcast host, and producer working for IVED as their Media Coordinator in NYC. He will soon be married to his wife, Hope, as of 09/19/20. Kyle enjoys comics, pop culture, rap and folk music, and lives in Harlem NYC.

By Jonathan Walton, Kyle Lee, Kristal Calkins, Emily Craig and Stephen Rowe

In the midst of COVID19, racial reckoning, and economic and political turmoil, The Daily Arrow is a daily podcast focused on centering followers of Jesus on God and His word so that our pursuit of justice flows from a heart and soul rooted and rested in Christ and not the dominant culture of comfort, anxiety, fear, hurry and rage.