Kim Porter

Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff to the President

Kim became a follower of Jesus through ministry of InterVarsity at Pacific Lutheran University. Disillusioned with the party scene her freshmen year, Kim was drawn to the loving community who met on her dorm floor for Bible study. The students welcomed her questions and created a safe place for her to wrestle with issues of faith. She developed as a disciple through the transformative experiences of the Urbana Student Missions Conference, summer missions projects, and leadership opportunities within InterVarsity.

Since joining InterVarsity staff in 1991, Kim has sought to cultivate leadership: from a chapter planter developing a core of missional students to becoming the Northwest Regional Director growing a dynamic multiethnic team. She has served in senior leadership roles since 2014 first as the Vice President of Learning and Talent, the last four years as the Vice President of Ministry Services in Finance and Administration, and now stepping into the Chief of Staff role.

Kim has a BA in Political Science from Pacific Lutheran University and a master’s degree in Adult Education from Portland State University. Kim and her husband Eric relocated from the Northwest to Madison, Wisconsin, in 2014. They have since added snowshoeing and cross-country skiing to their outdoor activities of kayaking, biking, hiking, and camping.