Ambition FAQ

What is Ambition? 

Ambition is a three-day virtual conference designed to help you start something new on a college campus. It’s a virtual gathering of thousands of students, InterVarsity staff, and alumni focused on planting new ministries in new contexts.

What is the cost of Ambition? 

$50 for students, non-students, and guests
Free for InterVarsity staff.  
Need a scholarship? Talk to your InterVarsity staff worker!
Final payments are due by January 10 at the latest

What are the dates and times? 

January 8th-10th 
Sessions are Friday night, much of the day Saturday, and Sunday morning. 
Check out the Format and Schedule page here for more info!

Will I be glued to my screen for three straight days? 

No! While there will be a variety of online sessions “on your screen”, we’ve also built in downtime and time to reflect away from your screen!

What is Mighty Networks?  

Mighty Networks is the online platform Ambition will use as our “home base” for the conference. After you register, you’ll get an email invite to join our Mighty Networks Ambition space. From there, all your next steps will be easy to find! Mighty Networks is great for building community, making connections, tuning into sessions, and sharing your reflections.

When is the registration deadline?  

You can register through the last day of the conference: January 10th

Do I need to attend the actual virtual conference, or can I just watch the sessions afterward? 

A significant part of the Ambition experience are the connections made with others, even on the online platform. Main session videos will be available after February 1.

I can no longer attend. Can I get a refund?

There is a $25 non-refundable deposit for Ambition. If you've paid in full, we're able to refund 50% of the conference cost if you cancel by December 25, 2020.