What Makes Ambition Unique?

Ambition 21 will inspire, equip, and send you out together to plant witnessing communities in every corner of every college campus. 

At Ambition, you'll encounter God, hear powerful stories, and collaborate with others to start something new on campus––all online. Whether you’re a college student, faculty member, or InterVarsity campus minister, Ambition 21 will help you find your place in God’s mission on campus and empower you to take the next step.


At Ambition 21, we want you to get a vision of what God can do through you on campus. We believe in God’s power and ask “What if...?” questions. What if you could reach your whole sorority with the gospel? What if you started a Bible study with your friends who dance to K-pop music? What if there was an InterVarsity community at the college down the road? Through Ambition, we hope your faith is increased to believe in and carry out the vision you’ve been given. 


With a big vision, you’ll need God’s creativity to figure out how to start something new. Some of InterVarsity’s best ideas come from Ambition. There will be intentional spaces for you to be influenced and coached by people of different disciplines and experiences to help you run wild with the ideas God has given you.


We know your ambition isn’t easy––there might be barriers, discouragements, and you might feel like you’re the only one that cares. Ambition 21 will be a unique apostolic environment where you can be understood, get connected with others who share your heart for planting, and get filled with fresh hope for what God can do.


Through Ambition’s digital format, you can join us wherever you are! We’re utilizing a unique digital platform to encourage connection and serve as your guide throughout the conference. There will also be plenty of away-from-screen time to reflect on what God’s teaching you.

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