What Makes Ambition Unique?

Ambition inspires, equips, and releases students/faculty to plant new witnessing communities in every corner of every campus.

We will be inspired by world-class leaders, hear about important innovations in planting ministries, and have the chance to collaborate with others to start something new on campus. Whether you are a college student, a faculty member, or one of InterVarsity's campus staff, the Ambition conference will help you find your place in God’s mission on campus and empower you to take the next step.


Nowhere is our mandate to reach every campus heard more powerfully than at Ambition. It's the one place where InterVarsity is encouraged to think way beyond our current goals, strategies, and limits. We keep asking “What if…” question.  This increases our dependence on God’s power, and forces us to innovate and improve the way we do our mission.


Ambition generates some of InterVarsity’s most important innovations in college ministry. We intentionally create spaces for people of different disciplines and experiences to influence us with their ideas. World class leaders give us fresh language and challenge us to do better.


Do you know how it feels to be surrounded by several hundred other people who understand what it’s like to start something new? It’s incredible. We know it’s not easy, - there are barriers to overcome, discouraging or frustrating days, and sometimes it feels like you’re the only one that cares. Ambition is a unique apostolic environment where planters are understood, encouraged and inspired with fresh hope and vision for what God can do.


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