Wondering where you’re going to belong on campus? Come join a community that’s here for you.

Real Community

In small groups you’ll find people who genuinely want to know who you are.

Real Truth

By asking the tough questions of the Bible you’ll discover the truth of the gospel.

Real Hope

And in the gospel, you’ll meet Jesus - the reason for why we can hope in this broken world.


Join a community that’s here for you

InterVarsity is a community from all parts of campus who ask the big questions together, read the Bible and talk about what it really means, and try to love our friends and other students as much as Jesus does.

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What you'll find

Amy Cheung, Campus Staff Minister

Towards the end of the Bible (in Revelation 7:9-10), we are given a picture of what happens at the end of history: people of every language, race, and ethnicity gather before the throne of God and worship the Lord Jesus Christ in unity. This is my vision for Columbia Christian Fellowship International. Looking forward to that reality in Revelation 7:9, CCFI will be a community where students of all ethnic, culture, and language backgrounds experience and grow in reconciliation, friendship, and fellowship with God and with one another, and where we learn to to live impactful lives as agents of such reconciliation--ambassadors for Christ--while at school and beyond, all to God's glory and all of which is our worship to him. CCFI serves international students/scholars and anyone who wishes to be part of a multilingual campus ministry at CUIMC, The Arbor in Riverdale, and beyond. Looking forward to our journey together!