We believe the college campus, as it shapes the leaders of tomorrow, is the most strategic mission field in the world. We have been proclaiming Christ on campus for 75 years! Thanks to prayers of partners like you, God is enabling us to reach a record number of students and faculty today.

Please join the InterVarsity community in prayer for the following:

Week of February 11

On Monday, February 11, students from across Maine who first connected with each other in December at Urbana 18 will meet in a video conference prayer meeting, continuing their quest to find students to join them from every Maine campus as part of InterVarsity’s everycampus initiative. Pray for God’s power and spiritual transformation to sweep across Maine college campuses.

All of us are loved and cherished by our gracious God. Too many students, however, are spending their lives far away from the Lord. This Valentine’s Day, pray for God’s love to be evident across campuses through InterVarsity chapters hosting events. May this be a Valentine’s Day that, because of God’s great love, is fulfilling to students and faculty, through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Hundreds of InterVarsity chapters across the country have started the semester or quarter with an annual weekend retreat, exploring ways to live as citizens of God’s kingdom. Pray that as students return to campus, they will recognize the Holy Spirit’s work continuing in their lives and be encouraged to share the good news of Jesus to friends and family.