We believe the college campus, as it shapes the leaders of tomorrow, is the most strategic mission field in the world. We have been proclaiming Christ on campus for 75 years! Thanks to prayers of partners like you, God is enabling us to reach a record number of students and faculty today.

Please join the InterVarsity community in prayer for the following:

Week of August 12

This week, student leaders from around InterVarsity’s Carolinas region are invited to Launch, a four-day training event to prepare them for the fall semester’s New Student Outreach (NSO).  During these early weeks of the school year, students are more open to new relationships and hearing about God’s love for them. Please pray for NSO and for student leaders to winsomely reach out with invitations and that new students will respond.

US-bound international students will be arriving over the next few weeks on campuses across the country. They will have hundreds of questions about their new campus home, begin to adjust to American culture and weather, and start to understand how to reach their educational goals. Ask God to guide each one to Christians willing to become friends and share the Gospel.  

August marks the beginning of collegiate sports for the 2019-2020 season. As members of Athletes InterVarsity workout and practice, pray that they will develop relationships with their teammates and have opportunities to share about faith in Jesus.