We believe the college campus, as it shapes the leaders of tomorrow, is the most strategic mission field in the world. We have been proclaiming Christ on campus for 75 years! Thanks to prayers of partners like you, God is enabling us to reach a record number of students and faculty today.

Please join the InterVarsity community in prayer for the following:

Week of September 16

Natalie*, a former atheist who came to faith through the witness of InterVarsity, has transferred to the University of Missouri at St. Louis, and wants to plant a new chapter. Praise God for Natalie, and pray for fruitful contacts with InterVarsity staff in the area who can mentor her, and productive interactions with students on the campus.   *Name changed.

Federal courts in Iowa and Michigan are hearing cases to protect InterVarsity's right to require that our student leaders be Christians. Pray that the courts will rule strongly in support of religious freedom on campus.

The annual InterVarsity Greek Golf Marathon takes place at Pebble Brook Golf Club in Noblesville, Indiana, this Friday. Ask the Lord to use this event to encourage more support for Greek InterVarsity ministering to fraternity and sorority members.