We believe the college campus, as it shapes the leaders of tomorrow, is the most strategic mission field in the world. We have been proclaiming Christ on campus for 75 years! Thanks to prayers of partners like you, God is enabling us to reach a record number of students and faculty today.

Please join the InterVarsity community in prayer for the following:

Week of August 13

Pray that in these last weeks of summer, incoming freshmen will have experiences that leave them open to the movement of God in their lives, with a readiness to say yes to Jesus' invitations to faith.

InterVarsity’s New Student Outreach (NSO) looms large on chapter calendars across the country at this time of year. Pray for creativity, perseverance, and energy as students lead NSO. “Pray for open hearts in students as they prepare to either start college or come back from summer break,” says Crystal Fang Hsu, Area Director in Atlanta.

NSO for Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, begins this week with an InterVarsity student leadership retreat called FATDOG (Fall Attitude Training Dorm Outreach Gathering). Campus Staff Minister Douglas Steinman asks for prayer that through FATDOG student leaders will be prepared to effectively minister to students in the upcoming semester on the Trinity campus. At FATDOG, they will learn to share  the gospel, make calls to faith, and understand the vital importance of follow-up. Praise God that this is InterVarsity’s 50th year at Trinity!