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English professor and mother Carolyn Weber tells how her desire to control the events of her life came into contact with God's desire to give her each
With Playing God, Andy Crouch opens the subject of power, elucidating its subtle activity in our relationships and institutions.
In this classic on Christian hospitality, Karen Mains steps far beyond how-to-entertain hints to explore a biblical and spiritual approach to using yo
Building on the work of Jacques Ellul, Marshall McLuhan and Neil Postman, as well as a wide range of Reformed thinkers, Derek Schuurman provides a bri
James Beilby, Paul R. Eddy and Steven E. Enderlein moderate this five-way discussion on the Pauline doctrine of justification.
Mark Van Steenwyk explores the various ways we the Christian community have failed our mission by embracing the ways of the world and advancing our ow
Recognizing that tyranny takes on secular as well as traditional guises, Os Guinness seeks a return to the first principles of religious and political
Why are scholars so prone to fabricate a new Jesus? Why is the public so eager to accept such claims without question?