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In Pure Scum Mike Sares, pastor of Scum of the Earth, takes us along a faith journey, telling the story of how a pretty normal, middle-aged g
The Reformation Commentary Series (RCS) is a multivolume work that presents comments by historic figures on the entirety of the Bible, chapter by chap
Come and join Margot Starbuck in her journey to become unsqueezed!
This magnificent retelling of the story of Christ and his church will delight young and old alike.
In Story-Shaped Worship Robbie Castleman attempts nothing less than to uncover the fundamental shape of worship.
Drawing on exhaustive research, practical experience and decades of teaching marketplace theology, Richard Goossen and R.
David G. Benner asks and answers the question, How might our wills be changed so that we become both willing and able to do what God asks of us?
Statistics show that the world's most oppressed are overwhelmingly female, with thousands of girls suffering from starvation, abuse, sexual exploitati
The 2012 Wheaton Theology Conference was convened around the formidable legacy of Lutheran pastor, theologian and anti-Nazi resistant Dietrich Bonhoe