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John Stott is the leading evangelical churchman of the twentieth century.

As a pastor, Todd Hunter found himself disillusioned, burned out and needing to drop out of traditional forms of church.

<p>In this well-researched and pastorally sensitive book, Rob Moll recovers the deeply Christian practice of dying well.

<p>Trent Sheppard explores historical turning points as they&#8217;ve intersected college students in prayer.

<p>Medieval mapmakers wrote on the edges of their maps at the edges of the known world, &#8220;Here Be Dragons.&#8221; Without a way

<p>Come and join Margot Starbuck in her journey to become unsqueezed!

<p>The pain of the world demands our activism, but the urgency and pervasiveness of need distracts us from our own need to find ourselves in