InterVarsity Press Books

Brian Howell provides an anthropology of short-term mission (STM) among American Christians.
Calling on seventy-five years of memories and lessons learned, Emilie Griffin reflects on the beauty and struggle of aging.
Trent Sheppard explores historical turning points as they've intersected college students in prayer.
Through her friendships with both victims and offenders, Marcia Owen learned that being present was precisely the opposite of violence--it was love.
The Leadership Ellipse by Bob Fryling is designed to help Christian leaders embrace both halves of the tension of being in leadership--our in

<p>In the third book in the Apprentice Series, James Bryan Smith helps you to live in relationship with others as apprentices of Jesus.

<p>In the last book by the leading evangelical churchman of the 20th century, John Stott opens up what it means at root to be a follower of J

<p>Neuroscientist and researcher William Struthers explains how pornography affects the male brain and what we can do about it.

<p>Since its founding at Harvard in 1992, The Veritas Forum has provided a place for the university world to explore the deepest questions of