Longing for Revival

James Choung and Ryan Pfeiffer
From Holy Discontent to Breakthrough Faith

Revival begins with God. But it's lived out through us. While we can't determine how God will act, we can be expectant and anticipate his work. And revivals are not just experienced—they can be led. 

James Choung and Ryan Pfeiffer have seen revival in their own ministries, with remarkable transformation in both individuals and communities. They unpack what revival looks like, how Christians can anticipate it, and how they can experience it in their own lives and in larger movements. They provide a model of revival leadership for Christians who want to facilitate and spread revival in their contexts, with implications for evangelism, mission, and growth.

We all need a spiritual breakthrough. Discover what revival can look like for you and those around you.


"I love spiritually insightful leadership books, and this is a gem! The chapter on the 'breakthrough U-curve' will totally change how you approach God with your disappointments and failures. And the genius of the 'mystery/strategy paradox' is worth the price of the book all by itself. Enjoy!"

Doug Schaupp, national director of evangelism, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, coauthor, I Once Was Lost and Breaking the Huddle

"In my weaker moments I'm content with mere programs of our own making. But deep down I long to be a part of a genuine work of God. Longing for Revival is bursting with the clarity, inspiration, and wise counsel we all need to get involved in what God himself is already doing around us."

Don Everts, author of The Reluctant Witness and The Spiritually Vibrant Home