By Regina Wang

Affected by Injustice?

“Have you been affected?” I asked students walking by our display of injustice issues at the University of the Pacific (UOP) in Stockton, CA. I was surprised by how many students were personally affected by abuse, racism or poverty. And I was amazed at the many open doors to discuss spiritual solutions to these painful issues.

I’m a student at UC Davis, but I jumped at the chance to join my UOP brothers and sisters to engage their campus in evangelism from Feb. 21-23, 2007. They planned a variety of ways to share God’s love for humanity and justice through creative interactions, cleaning the dorms and hosting a hunger project.

I went to partner with the UOP chapter when they invited other InterVarsity students in the region to participate in this three-day event, which is why it was called the UOP Invitational. We recently had a similar event on my campus at UC Davis, and also at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Six of us drove two hours on I-80 from Davis to Stockton: Mari, Katye, Zach, Erin, Christie and me. Though I looked forward to meeting students, I was nervous from the beginning. I knew I should not worry, but how would they respond to our message? How do I explain to them that I don’t even go to UOP?

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