Becoming Fishers of People

As campus staff member Liz Kidney led a Bible study of the Gospel of Mark at Lehigh University, the students were struck by how quickly Jesus’ disciples responded to his invitation to become fishers of men. They saw that the disciples discovered that it was worth it to drop everything to be with Jesus 2,000 years ago and they have discovered that it’s still worth it today.

Jared, a sophomore Physics major, sent Liz a thank-you note which described how he discovered the value of following Jesus.

I have been involved with InterVarsity literally since the first week of my freshman year. Within minutes of arriving at my dorm, Liz had introduced herself, and I was immediately intrigued that Christian leaders informally interacted with the students in their dorms on a regular basis. As a result, I paid attention to what she had to say and began attending her Bible study.

When I entered college, I had been suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder for six months. It had quite literally shattered my life, ruining relationships. But more importantly, it badly damaged my relationship with the Lord to the point that I did not believe Jesus was the Son of God. As I spent more and more time studying the Word with Liz and my brothers in the group, who have now become my best friends, my faith began to be slowly and steadily replenished.

Our studies made me newly aware of the beautiful truth of the gospels, and my heart was moved. Unbelievably, during this time the Lord was taking the disorder from me, where counseling and medication could not! The more I studied and rejoiced in the teachings of the Lord, which Liz and InterVarsity led me through, the more liberated from the disorder I became. It is with great joy I report that I no longer suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder; the Lord was victorious! Furthermore, I will unabashedly say that it was the Lord working through InterVarsity that brought me back to his grace.

Without your support, this would not have been possible. For the sake of my mind and my soul, I cannot thank you enough. May the grace of the Lord shine upon you!

“Students are growing in enthusiasm and engaging in the work of God on campus,” Liz reports.

  • A Gospel of Mark study is running on campus.
  • Five days a week students and staff are doing prayer walks around campus.
  • New evangelistic tools are enabling us to do evangelism in revolutionary ways.


Christian students from other campuses will be able to experience the excitement of what’s going on at Lehigh. Liz reports that for the first time, Spring Conference is taking place at Lehigh University.