By Teresa Buschur

Building on Solid Foundations

“Lately I feel so distant from God. I serve in church, but seem to just go through the motions. I haven’t felt anything in a long time. I’m being influenced by my friends and I feel guilty for being a bad witness to them. I’m unsure abut God’s forgiveness,” Cynthia told Melina Mendez, InterVarsity staff at Hunter College in New York. Cynthia serves as a youth leader and translator in her church.

Cynthia joined a Bible study with other Latina students to learn more about who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. As they studied God’s character and grace Cynthia told her small group, “Through InterVarsity God has solidified the foundations of my Christian faith. I want to truly live a life that is all about God. I have realized that even though I have a lot of things going on in my life, college can definitely be a place where I can find God, take time to praise him, and share the Gospel message of Christ with those around me.”

Cynthia is committed to serving the LaFe InterVarsity community at Hunter College and excited about ministering to her fellow students as a Bible study leader this coming semester. InterVarsity members around the country seek to establish witnessing communities on campus which help students develop firm foundations as they grow in their Christian faith.