Campus Ministry Amidst the Flood

The torrential rains and heavy flooding that has made South Carolina a federal disaster area has impacted all aspects of life in the Palmetto State, including campus ministry. The hardest hit areas are those in the middle of the state, in and near the capital, Columbia.

Willis Weber, InterVarsity Area Director for South Carolina, reports: “Our work at the University of South Carolina, Columbia College, and across the city has been disrupted only as much as universities have cancelled classes this week. Campuses lost water, but as far as I know, didn't sustain any major damage. However, the city of Columbia and its surrounding areas will have a long road to recovery. Prayer is best right now.” 

Ways to pray:

  • Students and their families who might have lost property.
  • Families and friends of the handful of flood deaths.
  • For our staff and students to be Jesus' light in the midst of devastation.


Photo: Broken levy near Columbia, courtesy of South Carolina National Guard