By Gordon Govier

CBS Damaged by Storms

InterVarsity’s Campus by the Sea, on Catalina Island, suffered significant damage from high surf and wind as an extreme cold front brought unusually harsh weather across southern California at the end of 2014.

Half of the landing float, the swim float, and many boats had been pulled out of the water for annual maintenance during the off season. However, during the storm, the three remaining boats broke loose from their moorings and washed ashore. All were damaged and it appears as though two are damaged beyond repair.
Further damage to the pier is described on the CBS Facebook page. Photos of the damage have also been posted.
“Even with the severity of the storm the staff at camp did as much as possible to prevent damages and thank the Lord they are safe,” said CBS Camp Director Dave Noble. “We appreciate your concern and prayers, this event will cause a significant financial burden as we do clean up and repair.”
The first campers of 2015 will arrive at CBS on the last weekend in February. “We have a lot to accomplish between now and then,” Dave said. “We ask that you would also remember in prayer the community of Avalon as it also recovers from much damage and grief over the loss of two lives in Avalon Harbor.”
UPDATE: On January 9, 2014, another post was added to the CBS Facebook page, with video, along with a more detailed report on the CBS website.
UPDATE: February 9, 2014
An outpouring of concerned family and friends have offered to pray and do whatever they can to help. This has been so encouraging and uplifting to our spirits as we have been evaluating and planning how to move forward.
We have insurance coverage for some damages but not all. As we have told our story to companies and contractors that will be part of the repair process, they have been sympathetic to our situation. They have been willing to discount prices and in some cases donate time and materials.

Total of Insurance and Donations of Time/Materials - $233,142
The cost to repair the Pier and A-frame is not covered by insurance or time and material donations. We need to raise $180,858 to pay for these repairs. We are trusting the Lord for this funding. We must move forward in the process of ordering materials and scheduling workers to complete the repairs and be ready to serve our guests coming in February. We are committed to being open for our first group of the season on Feb. 27th.
We need your help! Will you prayerfully consider how you can help us meet this financial challenge? You can donate now by going to our donate page.