Cedar Campus Hosts Christian Faculty Conference

The number of identifiable Christian faculty on U.S. campuses has increased in recent decades. InterVarsity is currently in touch with 2,700 faculty, some of whom serve as advisors to the student chapters on their campuses.

Some people see “scholar” and “committed Christian” as an impossible combination. But InterVarsity faculty members know the two can go together—and they encourage students and colleagues to flourish spiritually as well as academically.

For a second year, a national InterVarsity Faculty Conference was held at Cedar Campus in upper Michigan, June 16-22. It was titled “In Thy Light We See Light.” Thirteen professors (some with their families) from various academic disciplines gathered at Mariners’ Cove for the conference to wrestle with the theme “How to Develop Theological Acuity as a Non-Theologian.”

They listened to lectures by main speakers Steve Telian, a medical scientist and ear specialist at the University of Michigan hospitals, and Michael Murray, philosophy professor at Franklin and Marshall College.

Seminars included: “Genesis 1—2: Literature, Theology, and Science,” offered by Tom Trevethan, Campus Projects Associate for InterVarsity’s Faculty Ministry, and David Blaauw, professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan; “Everyone Can Do It,” an art workshop with hands-on lessons and discussion, led by artist Dianne Telian; and faculty ministry catalyst discussions, hosted by Stan Wallace, InterVarsity’s National Director of Faculty Ministry.

Small groups enjoyed studying The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5—7, sharing personal concerns, and praying together.

Sunday worship included exposition by Tom Trevethan and hymn singing. Songs from InterVarsity’s Hymns II were sung with enthusiasm throughout the six days. The families appreciated the programs for the children provided by the Cedar Campus crew.

More details about this year’s conference can be found at the conference website.

Another InterVarsity Faculty Conference is planned for June 21-27, 2008, with Dallas Willard, David Dockery, Kelly Monroe Kullberg, Mary Poplin, and Steve Simmons already confirmed as speakers. The theme will be “The Role of Spiritual Formation in the Academic Life and the Academy.” More information is available at www.facultyconference.org.