Celebrating His Dedication

The college campus is the focus of InterVarsity’s ministry, and the college campus is where most people meet InterVarsity. But not always.

Some people are introduced to InterVarsity through alumni. That’s how Dana Crenshaw got involved. Fifteen years ago Dana told a local staff leader that he wanted to volunteer with InterVarsity, after meeting InterVarsity alumni at his church.

Dana was a stable, encouraging presence for Christian students on Atlanta area campuses, up until he passed away suddenly on May 17, 2008, his 45th birthday. The funeral for Dana Crenshaw was Friday, May 23, 2008 at Atlanta Metropolitan Cathedral.

When Felicia Anderson became InterVarsity’s team leader in the Atlanta University Center five years ago, she discovered that Dana was a key member of the team. “Most Monday nights, he was at the fellowship meeting at Clark Atlanta University,” she said. “He attended the leadership meetings and gave valuable suggestions for ministry strategies.”

Associate Regional Director Tony Warner called Dana “the most faithful volunteer that I have seen in all my years on staff.” He was involved in several campus Bible studies. He was also a key transportation volunteer for the Black Campus Ministries national conferences held in Atlanta. “For many years he would also take his vacation during a week of chapter camp, transporting students and helping out at camp as a volunteer,” Tony said.

Over the years other staff came and went at the Atlanta University Center but Dana stayed on. “He faithfully served several generations of students and was of tremendous help to us,” Tony said. “Whenever I called on him to help, whether it was with transportation, food, or monetary assistance, he was willing to pitch in,” Felicia added.