By Amy Hauptman

Finding Her Purpose on Campus


You have a purpose. You’re at your church, your school, your workplace for a reason. For Lima, she began to discover her purpose after she joined InterVarsity.

“I really felt a sense of purpose in my life when I started a Bible study for the Samoan community here at the University of Hawaii—Hilo,” said junior Lima Paleafei.

Last semester, Lima attended Would Jesus Eat Frybread?, a Native American Conference in Washington State that was cosponsored by InterVarsity. While there, Lima not only learned more about her Samoan ethnic identity but also grew in her faith.

 “I felt a conviction during the conference to start a Bible study specifically for the Samoan community,” said Lima. “So I did.”

Leading Despite Nerves

Lima wasn’t sure about leading a Bible study on her own at first. And, though she’s been receiving a lot of positive feedback from her Samoan brothers and sisters who are part of her study, she says leading is still nerve-wracking!

Lima started by going to the University of Hawaii—Hilo’s Samoan club to meet and build relationships with other Samoan college students. And then she began inviting these students to learn about Jesus through a Bible study.

Now, revival is happening in her Samoan brothers and sisters’ lives. “What I love about leading Bible study,” Lima said, “is watching others grow over time—how they begin to rise up by asking more and deeper questions.”

A Group That Grows Together

What do you think happens when college students study the Bible together?

Not only has Lima’s Bible study has been growing a deeper love for the Bible, but they’ve also developed a deeper love for the campus and each other.

“I see our Bible study learning to love like Jesus,” said Lima. “I also see them stepping out of their comfort zone to seek Jesus more and to bless others—whether it’s coming out to InterVarsity events or praying for each other.”

Because of Lima’s faith and courage to accept God’s invitation, she has seen God start something new in the Samoan community on campus.  

“It’s exciting to see God moving in the Samoan community at the University of Hawaii—Hilo,” said Lima, “He is building up disciples and warriors of God.”