By Teresa Buschur

Finding Hope

Sarah, a student at the University of Evansville, is grateful for the teamwork and support of the InterVarsity chapter on campus which helped her to seek God’s transforming power in her life.

“I could tell that my life was headed downhill before I met members of InterVarsity and started attending the worship meetings. I realized that God really is there and that he loves and forgives me. I’ve made every mistake there is to make: drinking alcohol, having sex, skipping classes, lying, cheating, and attempting suicide…twice.”

Sarah attended an outreach event on campus, I Hate Religion, contrasting religion and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Sarah felt that Christians were hypocritical, but agreed to attend InterVarsity’s large group meeting to investigate Jesus further.

Sarah felt welcomed and accepted as she met many InterVarsity students and heard about God’s grace and mercy through the speaker that evening. When the speaker invited anyone who wanted to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ to come forward for prayer, Sarah stood and walked to the front. Sarah felt hopeful as she welcomed Jesus into her life, asking him to help her redeem the past.

Over the next several weeks, Sarah actively engaged in Bible studies, searching God’s Word to discover the character of Christ. As she attended InterVarsity’s social events, Sarah had deep conversations about what life with and in Jesus looks like. Sarah watched the difference in the character and actions of her new Christian friends and she realized that she wanted that peace and love in her own life.

“It’s taken hard work and more effort than I sometimes want to put in, but I know that God wants to transform my life, attitudes, and actions. I feel that he wants me to assist others in realizing their mistakes and finding the potential to fix them,” Sarah said.

On campuses across the country, students like Sarah are invited and encouraged as they find hope in Jesus and the courage to seek God’s transforming power in their lives.




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