By Gordon Govier

Focusing on our Campus Mission

More than 1400 staff members from across the country gathered January 7-11, 2014 in St. Louis for our triennial National Staff Conference. The focus of the conference was on InterVarsity world changers, taken from InterVarsity’s Vision Statement: “To see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed.”

As attested by numerous stories on our website, students and faculty whose faith in Jesus Christ is planted and nurtured through the ministry of InterVarsity are called to change the world, and they respond. World changer stories were shared by video and by personal testimony, and are posted online by InterVarsity's Twentyonehundred Productions.

SC14 is the largest staff conference in InterVarsity history, as InterVarsity has been going through a dynamic period of growth in the past half-decade. InterVarsity has more than 900 chapters on almost 600 campuses and staff working with more than 38,000 “core” students and faculty (those who participate in more than 50 percent of all activities).  

InterVarsity family and friends were able to follow SC14 on social media via Facebook and Twitter and experience inspiring reports on campus ministry.