From Middle America to the Middle East

Rachel, a non-Christian student from the Middle East, attending Indiana University Purdue University — Indianapolis (IUPUI), had only been to one InterVarsity large group meeting on campus when she heard about fall conference. She was excited to get involved in the community, but she didn’t have the money to participate. Coming from Middle Eastern culture, Rachel was unaccustomed to requesting money, but decided to boldly ask for a scholarship.

Rachel received financial assistance from InterVarsity and was able to go with other students from the campus chapter. Throughout the weekend she got to know other students and felt welcomed as they included her in their activities and lives. “I’ve experienced more love from fellow students during fall conference than in my entire life,” Rachel said.

Rachel learned about the character of Jesus through her participation in small group Bible studies that weekend. As Rachel discussed Scripture with a smaller group of students, she realized that God wanted a personal relationship with her. As the group studied the Bible together, they also talked about their lives.

Rachel felt she was accepted into a group that was not only helping her to learn about Jesus, but also cared for her. They were willing to listen and give advice when she needed it, and she in turn did the same for them. Through the loving community Rachel experienced that weekend, she accepted Christ into her heart.

Since then, God has done wonderful things in Rachel’s life. Rachel has regularly attended InterVarsity’s weekly meetings and prayer gatherings. Wanting to deepen her relationships within the chapter, Rachel hosted a Christmas party at her house. Through sharing food, fellowship, and hospitality, Rachel felt she could give back some of the love and acceptance she had received from chapter members.

Rachel attended Urbana 06, InterVarsity’s 21st Student Missions Convention, in St. Louis, MO, this past December. As she listened to speakers challenging her to “live a life worthy of the calling,” (Eph. 4:1), participated in Bible study, and engaged in worship with over 22,000 others, Rachel heard God’s call to return home to the Middle East and share the gospel. While still in the United States, she hopes to inspire others at IUPUI in engaging their campus and communities with the truth of Christ.

God called Rachel to himself at IUPUI, and while attending Urbana Rachel heard God’s broader call to dedicate her life after college to sharing the gospel with those who do not know him.