"God on Campus"

InterVarsity president Alec Hill and evangelism director Terry Erickson were interviewed for a cover story, “God on Campus,” in the September 2007 issue of Charisma magazine.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an interdenominational student-led campus ministry, has experienced “an explosion of student conversions within the last two years,” says its president, Alec Hill. In 65 years of ministry, the organization has grown to include more than 570 campus chapters and an estimated 35,000 student members.

“We’ve had two years unlike we’ve ever had in our history, aside from an event Billy Graham did in 1982,” Hill says. “Apart from that one year, we’ve never had so many new believers.”

Numbers are climbing because students today are “more responsive” to issues of faith, says Terry Erickson, national director of evangelism with InterVarsity, who reports that — in an interesting twist — 28 percent of their involved students identify themselves as non-Christian. The statistic, Erickson says, is refreshing because “though they haven’t made a faith decision yet, they are involved and they are open to being around Christians.”

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