By Teresa Buschur

Growth in Witness

Three years ago a group of students met for Bible study at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS. Today, forty students gather on campus for InterVarsity large group chapter meetings, small group Bible studies, a worship gathering, and a spiritual conversation group focused on evangelism.

Learning to Share
Students are eager to share God’s love with their classmates on campus. During the prayer walk at the start of the semester, several new students participated and have since become core members of the chapter. InterVarsity members invited the entire campus to make a community art project by writing or drawing answers to the question, ‘what has God ever done for you?’

A member in the evangelism outreach group shared, “I’ve become more open. I used to be uncomfortable around non-Christians and people involved in the party scene on campus, but God is teaching me to love them.”

Opportunities to Connect
Another way the students have engaged their peers with the gospel is by inviting students in the cafeteria to ‘share a thought, get a brownie.’ Students were encouraged to share their thoughts with chapter members and in return received a brownie.

Even an inflatable play structure can be used to spread the gospel, by encouraging students to consider faith from a new perspective. These events on campus welcomed new students into the recently established InterVarsity community.

InterVarsity’s mission is to build witnessing communities on campus. As new chapters are established at colleges across the country, more students are hearing the gospel and receiving the hope of Jesus Christ.