Harvard Basketball Takes Off

Harvard has never seen anything like Jeremy Lin. In fact U.S. college basketball has never seen anything quite like Jeremy Lin, an Asian American basketball player who became a finalist for the Bob Cousy Award as he led his Harvard team to its best record ever this season.

But Jeremy is just as committed to leading his weekly Bible study with the Harvard Radcliffe Asian American Christian Fellowship (HRAACF) as he is to leading his basketball teammates to victory. He’s also begun a Bible study with some of his basketball teammates.

In an interview with InterVarsity’s campus website, StudentSoul.org, Jeremy says that “having a small group meeting once a week gives me a lot of encouragement and accountability. Investing in AACF really spurred my spiritual growth because I made friends that I could talk to about Christianity, as well as find encouragement from what God was doing in other members of the fellowship.”

Jeremy also talks about leading by example and treating teammates respectfully, as a testimony to his Christian faith. He’s enjoyed a lot of success on the basketball court this year, but he’s also worked his way through discouragement and disappointment. He credits daily prayer and personal Bible study, plus weekly discipleship meetings with InterVarsity staff member Adrian Tam, with helping him stay focused.

“One of the most rewarding experiences in life is to see people come to Christ and make lifestyle changes,” Jeremy says. Beyond college he’s considering a ministry career, and possibly becoming a pastor.

To read the whole interview go to StudentSoul.org. For more on Jeremy’s basketball career, check out the articles at TIME magazine and Sports Illustrated.

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