By Stephanie Castillo

InterVarsity Alumni - Stephanie Castillo

I believe detours can be part of God’s divine plan. That has been true in my life. One of my first jobs was at an all-news radio station, and it gave me skills for writing on deadline. My job as a newspaper reporter honed my writing skills for my first documentary. My job as a telephone solicitor gave me confidence to “cold call,” which I needed later for raising money. My work with InterVarsity’s 2100 Productions sharpened my skills to think biblically. These were my “divine detours” on the way to my passion of making films.

Here is my advice: Let yourself be mentored at a “job.” Sharpen and hone your skills at someone else’s expense. Gain your credentials. Build your reputation. None of it will be lost, if it’s in God’s hands. And you can make your parents happy, too, for their investment in your education. Assure them that you are willing to learn before you launch. Being mentored is an investment in your own future and you will have a great launch towards not only making your dreams and passions come true, but in living the creative life God has called you to.

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