By Gordon Govier

InterVarsity Alumni - Jeff and Jenn Mascott

Those late night bull sessions with roommates that are so common in college proved to be life changing for Jeff Mascott. His junior year at the University of Maryland he had three roommates who were all active in InterVarsity.

“We spent a lot of time together, talking about issues related to faith and God,” he said. “Ultimately they introduced me to Christ. That's how I came to faith and started getting involved with InterVarsity.” His last two years at Maryland, he regularly attended the InterVarsity large group meetings and a small group Bible study.

Jeff met his wife Jenn through a class that they shared, but he got to know her through InterVarsity. She was a year behind him, and they began dating the year after he graduated, when she served as president of the chapter’s executive committee.

To Capitol Hill and Beyond

After Jenn graduated, they both worked on Capitol Hill for several years. Jeff developed expertise in helping members of Congress use technology to communicate with their constituents. He eventually founded a company called Fireside21 which serves members of both parties. He also became managing partner at Adfero, a public relations company that works with businesses and associations.

When Jenn left Capitol Hill, she enrolled at George Washington University (GWU) Law School,  and eventually clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. She’s now a full-time mom for their children, but also teaches a class at the GWU Law School.

Providing a high level of service for customers lies behind Jeff’s success in business.  “My InterVarsity experience has an impact on how I approach work and vocation in general,” he said. "Every person has been created by God with unique talents and skills. As an entrepreneur, I love being able to create organizations that allow people to use their talents and skills every day."

Maintaining College Connections

Jeff and Jenn recognize that their time at the University of Maryland changed their lives. Their positive experience with InterVarsity in college is one of the main reasons that Jeff and Jenn remain connected with college students, through the college ministry of Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, MD.  “Our church's college ministry has students from all sorts of local colleges and universities. We love being involved with that," Jeff said.

In addition to teaching the college class with Jenn, Jeff serves on the Elder Board of Fourth Presbyterian. He also volunteers at InterVarsity retreats, talking with college students about life after college.

Jeff and Jenn Mascott continue to share the valuable lessons they learned during college through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.