InterVarsity Donates 5,000 Cots for Disaster Relief

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InterVarsity Donates 5,000 Cots for Hurricane Relief

Cots that were on standby for some of the 20,000 students who attended InterVarsity’s triennial Urbana Student Mission Conventions will find new uses as they are turned over to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army for use in disaster relief.

The cots were used every three years between Christmas and New Years Day when delegates, who came to the Urbana convention to learn about global missions, maxed out the facilities of the Urbana-Champaign campus. But now that InterVarsity has decided to move its 2006 Urbana Convention to St. Louis, the cots will no longer be necessary and the University of Illinois can reclaim some of its storage space.


  • 300 cots donated to the Red Cross in Chicago. The first shipment was picked up Wednesday, September 28th, at the UIUC warehouse in Urbana.
  • 300 cots donated to the Red Cross in Champaign-Urbana.
  • 4532 cots donated to the Salvation Army in Springfield, IL.

For more information:

George Coleman, UIUC Assistant Superintendent of Building Services
(217) 333-8330

John Roeckeman, InterVarsity-UIUC campus
(217) 367-5198

Gordon Govier, InterVarsity-Madison, Wisconsin
(608) 443-3688