InterVarsity Press Begins Year with Honors

Westmont, IL—2010 is off to a wonderful start for InterVarsity Press, as it became the recipient of numerous book awards. The publishing house led the way in Christianity Today’s 2010 Book Awards by receiving four first-place wins, more than any other publisher. Award winners were God is Great, God is Good (Apologetics/Evangelism) edited by William Lane Craig and Chad Meister, The New Shape of World Christianity (Missions/Global Affairs) by Mark A. Noll, Longing for God (Spirituality) by Richard J. Foster and Gayle D. Beebe, and Deep Church (The Church/Pastoral Leadership) by Jim Belcher.

Deep Church was also awarded a Golden Canon Award from Leadership Journal, which named it the “Best of the Best” of 2009 for “The Leader’s Outer Life.” Also given honorable mentions for this category were Love is an Orientation by Andrew Marin and The Next Evangelicalism by Soong-Chan Rah. In addition, Longing for God was awarded an honorable mention as a valuable resource for “The Leader’s Inner Life.”

Byron Borger, bookstore owner and blogger at, chose The Fabric of Faithfulness by Steven Garber as “the book of the decade.” Borger recommended the book “for anyone who longs for the deepest joys of discovering a sense of vocation, of relating faith to their tasks in this sorrowful, broken world, for those who long to make a difference, . . . allowing us to engage the societal pressures and resist the cultural forces so well described and analyzed.” Also mentioned as top picks by Borger were Colossians Remixed by Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat and Culture Making by Andy Crouch.

Preaching Today named The Glory of Preaching by Darrell Johnson as a winner (three-way tie) of their annual preaching book award in the “Feeding the Preacher’s Soul” category. A judge for the contest commented, “If any preacher is even the least bit disillusioned about the results that are coming from their proclamation, or is finding a sense of drudgery in the preaching task, he or she should consume this book.”

Founded in 1947 as an extension of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA , InterVarsity Press serves those in the university, the church and the world by publishing thoughtful Christian books that equip and encourage people to follow Jesus as Savior and Lord in all of life. Based in the western suburbs of Chicago, InterVarsity Press is made up of three lines of books: IVP Academic, which includes texts, commentaries and dictionaries by leading Christian scholars; IVP Books, made up of general titles on a wide variety of topics such as Christian living, prayer and evangelism, and also the Likewise and Formatio imprints; and IVP Connect, comprising over 150 unique Bible study guides, as well as resources for group leaders. InterVarsity Press resources are sold worldwide and have been translated into dozens of languages. Visit InterVarsity Press online at

Heather Mascarello