InterVarsity Press Honored for Shaping the Lives of Today’s Leaders



Westmont, IL—InterVarsity Press won two Golden Canon awards for the significant contribution their books have made to the continued growth—both spiritually and professionally—of today’s leader. The Golden Canons were created by Leadership Journal and recognize “the year’s books of most value to church leaders.”



Giving Church Another Chance:Finding New Meaning in Spiritual Practices by Todd D. Hunterand Whole Life Transformation: Becoming the Change Your Church Needs by Keith Meyer were both recognized for their influence on the leader’s inner life.



Ironically, Hunter and Meyer tell similar stories. Both authors were pastors. Both were burned out and disillusioned by the rigors of the career to which they had committed their lives. And both found renewal in the transformation of their souls. These books are the result.



“Todd Hunter calls us to stop focusing on methodologies and programs designed to create the perfect church,” Cindy Bunch, associate editorial director, said. “Instead, he invites us to simply allow the experience of corporate worship to nurture our souls. He is the kind of moderating voice we need to hear more from today.”



Keith Meyer wrote Whole Life Transformation after losing touch with his own soul, the reclaiming of which led him to discover a whole new way of understanding Christ’s work in his life, his family and his ministry. “Whole Life Transformation will help you discover how you can lead your church authentically from your own deep encounter with Christ,” Bunch said.



The Golden Canon awards are particularly significant to InterVarsity Press because they represent the kind of transformation IVP believes is possible—both corporately and individually—when publishers seek to influence, engage and shape contemporary culture for the sake of Jesus Christ. 



“Both of the books recognized in this year’s Golden Canon awards reflect the real questions and struggles leaders and laity alike face,” Jeff Crosby, associate publisher, said. “But they also embody and nurture the transformation that is possible through the work of the Holy Spirit and the local church.”



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